Friday, April 13, 2012

same jokes around the table

Hello, monkeys!

Recently, i just know that not all couple talking about me-and-K's-things. The knowing was accidentaly happened while i was having a conversation with my colleagues about marriage. Actually we simply just listened to one of us who's already married talking about this marriage thing. Then it came up with me saying that if it's not because i'm living in Indonesia, i must will consider about living together with whoever my future husband will be which probably K and probably not. They asked me why and blah blah blah... At the end, i said that it was sort of thing i usually talked about with my boyfriend. And then they said "what? what a heavy conversation you have with him". It made me think that well me and K are such a lucky person dont you think? We just found each other to talk about something we are interested into. I told K about it, and it made us think then what kind of conversation we had back then with our last boyfriend/girlfriend? Maybe that's why those didn't work..

So, what i want to underlined here is, dont be afraid to look for someone who has the same interest with you. Interest in chat, interest in jokes, even interest in movies and songs. I can tell you that that someone is real, existed, out there. I believe you can find them if you are looking for them, unless you have already missed it.

And what i can assure you is that whenever you find that person, you find your happines, for a lifetime.

Happy Friday the 13th, monks!

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