Wednesday, April 25, 2012

relationship. relationship? relationship!

As you all know, i have a very open relationship. We tell each other everything that we thought our pair (i dont know if the phrase "our pair" sounds so gay or not..?) needs to know, even a fact that we think could hurt him/me. Besides, we are actually also a very open minded person. We do not ban each other from anything and anyone. We strongly believe that this relationship couldnt stop us from being ourselves and from the things we like. And it makes it possible for us to never lie to each other. When one of us say no to something one of us will do, then we could know that that something might be too dark and unsafe for us to do, and then we must choose to not doing that. Thats what usually happened to us. Quite easy right? Yap, this relationship style of us is what really makes me confuse about the lies and everything from another couple. But whatever, if you do happy anyway. But just one thing would never been accepted by me is if someday you make a family and raise a kid with a very ugly view to be remembered and in the middle of a very uncomfortable environment to grow. I will hate all of you who ever have a thought of that but still go to marriage only because you're afraid to take a risk and find somebody else more suit for you to go to a marriage.


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