Monday, April 23, 2012

Hi, it's not the first time i talked about life. Life with its craziness and kindness. Life that happened to me beautifully. But just right now, i am scared of life. And it's not only me apparently. It's surprising that life is scary too for some strong people i know.

Linked to dreams, life becomes scarier. It becomes harder to define whether what we are doing right now is a journey to achieve our dreams that sometimes made us doing something way different with the common one or it's just a denial and a waste of time. But, who knows? Nobody.

And i thought then that life is scary, but so do roller coaster and we could still enjoy it anyway. Life is scary, so do horror movie but many people still watch it anyway. Life is scary but life is life, it's surprising and exciting. Enjoy every sip of it, every up and each down of it. Maybe life wont promise you all that you wanted, but it's worth to try. Just like riding the coaster, there's no guarantee you'll finish it safely but there's no silence from Disneyland.

p.s: meeting you is like Adele making a song. at first, i never thought it would be this wonderful. so lets be scared together, 'cause no matter what, i'll stay.

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