Thursday, April 26, 2012

dont stop | yeah, i stop

hello night. just show up a moment to give a short thought of mine so there will be no misleading or anything else here. so, for so many times i talked about dreams and love. even dreams and love are still have a "but" for me. both of those are things that are worth to be fought for, ( it comes) but still, we cant be selfish about it. for me, if my family feel uncomfortable around my boyfriend, i surely need to take a time and think. i cant just say "this is my life, screw all of you". or if i have this dream to becoming a writer, i cant just keep running to it without thinking about incomes because i have my parents which their whole life was always supporting me, financially and non-financially, and i want to make 'em happy by buying them maybe a ticket to go abroad and just relax. or how about my future family, my future sweety kids? i dont think they should understand that we dont have enough money because we are keep chasing our dream. well you know, by saying this i didnt mean to say the reversal of it. but you should really know when to stop.

so, keep balancing your life, guys. be tough, yet be fun.

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