Thursday, March 29, 2012

keep it simple

Hello, world. Hows life? Mine is quite ups and downs, but always. I was working overtime these two weeks. It was quite tiring and after the first weekend of that two weeks, i got sick, but still has to go out and work...and smile. But actually, i really enjoyed my working time these two weeks, so smile was not that hard. I like to be on client's site. I like to have a chitchat with them, actually i like it with anybody. I like to hear everybody's mind cause each of them are somehow special.

I had my time where i was alone in a cab and out of how and when, suddenly i was having a conversation with the taxi driver. Those drivers were actually kind and nice. Glad that i was never fell into the wrong hand. In every story that i heard from every of them, i always feel blessed. Once, one taxi driver said to me "you must be very clever for have had a good job in your age", i replied to him "no, im just lucky for being born in my family".

Currently, i was feeling more lucky for born as me. It is maybe one of the time i will tell you about how lucky i am for being with K and why did i mostly call this relationship as the so-fun one! Just yesterday, i was planning to go to grand indonesia -one of mall here- which was near to HI Roundabout which was become one of a place where many of Indonesians were doing demonstration. I did not plan to ask anybody to accompany me because i will just go fast and straight to buy a necklace for my cousin's wedding party. However, there's my colleague, Adi, who offered to accompany me and so i let K knew. I thought for some men, they will say: just the two of you? or bla bla bla, but K: it's good if Adi could go with you since the mall is near to where the demonstration took place. He's the best! ______________________________________________________________
Thank you for keeping this relationship simple. I'm happy with you. Untill now, i think that's all i need.

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