Thursday, July 7, 2011


Please blame me for not updating the blog for the whole month. Yaps, so many things happened. The very first thing is that i've been through my thesis defense and i've graduated now! Yeay! My graduation will be held on this latest of month and i'll put on a chocolate-gold kebaya as my graduation costume :D

The bad news is that i'd leave bandung already, yes it is sad. My bestfriends are there, my boyfriend's there, and the memories are always be there. But, lets skip this crybaby part, hate it!

Mmm, let me share a couple of picts i captured from my anniversary dinner with kikin. It was our very first year anniversary we spent at a cozy place, named Vanilla. It's a cafe with a yummy food and beers.

And this is some pictures i captured hopefully not for the last time with my bestfriends! They are, Yosef Sianipar, David Jonathan Susanto, Angga Darmawan, and Erick de Putra.

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