Friday, July 8, 2011


Do you love music? I die to it! Do you realize that there are so many things on earth that are too beautiful to can be expressed by words? I can mention ten of them in a second: beach, music, painting, lyric, garden, building, poetry, movie-video, handmade shawl, picture, etc. Well, somehow when i listened to a very good music i felt kinda blessed, so also when i go to the beach which i missed very much.

See, lately i've been thinking about this long distance relationship that i must through. It really is not my type, well i am, since i don't believe in whatsoever called love -i think so do my parents. What until now i believe is a thing called intensity. I can easily love you if i meet you everyday (assuming you are NOT dumb, unrealistic, very not funny, don't like music or books or movie and theater, and know nothing about history). Since being kikin's girlfriend is also one of many things that makes me feel blessed, i am so afraid if i won't love him anymore because of this LDR thing. I know, many people called me crazy or greedy by having this feeling. I am so afraid of loosing him because of me myself doesn't love him anymore, weird? Yes, it is.

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