Friday, July 15, 2011

Spouse Attack

Let me guess, you all are fine and happy? Yeah, me too! Now, have you heard about the book of "Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus"? I bet you have. Me myself haven't read it yet, but from the synopsis we can know what that book is all about. Well, that's explain a lot. I can say now that 90% of every fight that comes to a couple is only because of this different planet where men and women came from. Maybe you can see it easier by case to case. Check this out.

case #1
women are willing to be heard, while men are born to solve cases
So, what usually happen is the girl tell the boy some stories about another girl who happened to be very annoying and maybe coquettish or a story about the girl's mom who is very conservative and also annoying. And so the boy begins to release some discourses bla bla bla bla, when the only thing the girl needs is just ears to hear. So the boy -with no conscious- is just adding more issues and problems by his act. Well, you know what, it comes from the different planet.

For men, it is all weird, the women's action of telling when they don't need any solutions. While for women, the first thing which will come up on their mind is "what is the hard part of just hearing?".

case #2
women dislike loneliness, while men's brain need the autistic moment
When you (girl) have a busy boy, sometimes when he gets a little free time you must hope that this boy will come to you to spend times together, maybe bring you roses or ask you to the movies. But reality is sometimes can be more evil than the devil. Yet your boy chooses to cuddle his pillow at his home, alone. Well, it also comes from the mars and venus.

For women, it hurts to see you boys prefer to be alone than being together with us when there are times to get together. While for men, well it's just that "boys are always be boys", they love enjoying theirself. Besides, men's brain are need to be charged with that kind of autistic moment somehow.

case #3
women are build to be excited with anything, while men are taught to be cool
So, when the anniversary day will come, the girl is so busy preparing things -from dress to gift, when the boy is still don't have any idea where the dinner will takes place and don't even think about the reservation yet.

For men either for women, it is confusing. How women are being so occupied and how men are so slow.

Ahh, enough for now. I'll add it when i remember things. And so how do you think? Do you agree? Hihi, it's kinda funny right when you read it and you feel like it is true? Well, i wish you well from here. ADIOS, XXX :D

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