Monday, May 30, 2011

hate the fact already!

Hi, i really wish you all a healthy life.

Last night, i have this supper with my boyfriend and that was when this conversation happened. He asked me about when i will start to move out my things from bandung to jakarta. I don't know, i've got to say. Why, he continued. Because it's just feel so sad to just think about it.

So, we went to our respective home.

I opened my room door, then my bathroom door, and there it was, a red beautiful rose my boyfriend gave me last wednesday. But it wasn't red anymore. I don't know why, but its kinda sad at that time, seeing the rose wilted.

The flowers, the music box, NUCKA, the brown book, it must be hard to see them all while he and i have to go through long distance period. Hate it already!

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