Friday, July 8, 2011

against the giant wall

Hello again :D

Well, what topic do you want to talk about? Hmm, how about a job or career? Deal? Okay, deal.

Do you remember when we were younger, lets say when we were in kindergarten, our teachers and families will ask to us quite often about what is our ideal or aspiration. Most of us will answer, "a policeman, a fireman, or an astronaut, doctor, or maybe a president". And where are we now after college? Most of us will choose to be at office building instead of at the street as the policeman or at the sky as an astronaut. And why is that? Well, money talks eventually.

We can't admit that if we plan to have a family, we should collect money as many of them after college. But sometimes our dream job isn't something that can be the tools of producing the large amounts of money. So usually we forget our dream when we were a kid for a moment, to reach the wealth. The thing gets wrong when we give up the dream at all because we actually can be rich from our job at this moment. Why do we need to take a risk to turn around and back to our dream job? That can be a very tough decision to make and most of us will choose the opportunity to always be rich i guess.

That's the process i usually see and i do afraid if i become one of those people. So, how to fix it? How to help our next generation so they don't need to face the "choosing" moment and to finally give their dream up?

First of all, why does this thing become very important to me? Because until now, from what i see, there's no one can argue how well a person can work when he uses not only his mind but also his heart. And it's called passion. A man said to me -a man that i always adore, money should only be the consequences, the main dish is always the work itself and how happy you are when you do that work. What you should think about is how to make the work you do and the work which makes you happy can produce golds, so then it also can make your family happy!

So, don't be average, be extraordinary in things you like. Don't be afraid to dream, cause money will only be the consequences. And if you are good, the consequences must be a lot of money right?

One thing that i questioned about, why does the question about what we want to become after being an adult -which always been asked at kindergarten- was stopped only at primary school? Why they don't ask anymore when we were at junior and senior high school? Until boom they ask us to make a quick decision and decide what subject we want to get for college. And maybe that is why there are billions of people end up in economic faculty.

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