Tuesday, May 24, 2011

i miss having a bestfriend and do dance

A best friend is really hard to find for me. There are so many in common between a best friend and a boyfriend. I’ll give you the formula below:

Boyfriend – the touch, included the kiss and the hug things = Best Friend

Do you agree? It’s funny to finally realize that having a relationship as a friend is as hard as having a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship. I think a best friend is also a soulmate just like the boyfriend or girlfriend. It’s so hard to meet the right guy for that both status. It’s not that I am too picky, oh come on, who doesn’t if the goal is for a long long-term relationship?

When you’re in junior or senior high school, everything about this topic is half way easier. I mean, who’s the girl who doesn’t have her soul sisters or sorority sisters for her own? I did have. We went to the mall and café, we did have the gossiping things all the time, we laugh, and we were fall in love to each other, more than our love to our boyfriend which usually so dumb at that time! We danced and we cried. But, when we go to the college and we get into our final year, everything step by step shifts into more individuality stuffs than the gang stuffs. Everybody starts to begin an on-off relationship. Many people as a college student do have many friends from this community and that community and many more communities to have fun, but somehow when they don’t need to do the fun but instead they need a shoulder to cry, none of those names and contacts on their blackberry are fit to be contacted. Why? Because the on-off relationship style doesn’t allow us to build a deeper relationship with a friend and add one special word in front of the word ‘friend’ that is the word ‘best’. So, we’re only stopping to anybody’s friend, not the best one.

When you start an on-off relationship, actually it’s a nice one. You can go with some friends from this community and do smiles and laughs and maybe a little mistake, but you know the little-but-hard-to-forget-in-the-near-of-time-kind-of-mistake. For example, when your friends pick you up, they have to wait for probably 20 to 30 minutes to have you ready and dress up, and maybe you get the lame surname as the Princess From Waiting or Snail Lady or something by your manner. Well, luckily when having the on-off relationship, you don’t have to meet up again with them at the near future. But instead, you can meet up with other friends of yours from another communities which practically do not know your super lame surname whatever that is, what a world right? And when you finally meet up with the first community I mention, yes they have forgot your princess wannabe manner and you save.

That’s why this friendship is pretty much like a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship. Well maybe if there is this one girl who really match somehow someway with me and you, we don’t have to be afraid if she finds our badness. So, we can do dance, shop, gossip, and the cry all together again, just like the old times when we were in high school.

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