Tuesday, May 24, 2011

curious with what comes ahead

Still about best friend.

I assume that you’ve read my previous writing about how hard I find a best friend, especially the girl. Here, I’ll tell you more about how this condition became harder, because that my few stocks were being seized by the matter of distance and time.

Me myself is in my final semester at college. Some of my friends had been graduated before me on last February, so I’ve gone through some goodbyes with them. It felt sad and now I felt sadder because of another goodbye that I must faced between me and my housemate named Stefani. We’re being so close since my middle year at college, it means two and a half years togetherness with her, every night and day. Oh, so hate goodbye! The thing is, when we got separated with our friends by the distance, it seems like our friendship as well go along with the departure of them. So hard to see that finally we’re not so close anymore with somebody who’s got to be our very best mate :(

I miss you all, Maria Stefani, Rani Tandiono, and Vina Andrimulya. This write is belong to you, girls, I love you. Lets keep our closeness *cheers

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