Sunday, May 22, 2011


I really feel like a writer recently, because every time i typed something on my laptop, it’s just seemed to be wrong so i completely destroyed it by pushing the bakspace or just directly ctrl+a then the delete button. You must ever see a movie with this scene quite often, right? The fact is just that i don’t sure about what topic i should write. It’s not that i have no thoughts in my mind, but it’s just won’t came out through my hands. I surely have this sad topic about the poor and difable people or the happy things about me seeing many many more nice people exist in this world or maybe only about how happy i am because finally my thesis got an acceptance and how all of my hard work is definitely worth it (well actually every hard work is always worthy), or yeah maybe i also can write about the hard work. There are plenty of them, but none on my paper. Or i definitely can go back to the classic one, the theme of love, or maybe about the God up there. Well well well, still no-thing on my paper unfortunately.

Maybe i just need to chat, with somebody new, somebody who don’t know much about me or who don’t know me at all. Don’t you think that’s exciting? That thing is gonna be so cool. I’d like to share my thoughts, my dreams, my stories, and see his reaction about it. It’s always nice, meeting a new people. Don’t you think?

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