Wednesday, May 25, 2011

lady in red

The truth is i dont expect this much in my writing about the best friend thing. But, yaps, the thought keeps growing and growing, so well i’ll write another story about it.

Remember when i say that an on-off relationship is actually a pretty nice type of a friendship relationship? Well, think twice. Lets go deeper and switch our thought to the other side. It’s actually nice to do some fun with this kind of relationship, but some of my friends actually confess that they feel kind of lonely by this preference.

Everybody needs a deep relationship with somebody, it can be the neighbors, the colleagues, or the housemates. We can’t just build a fake relation with a fake-self of ours and a fake-self of our relateds. At first, it will be so damn good, but as our need of belonging to somebody grows, it will all gone wrong and boring. Plus, when you’re really need somebody to wipe your tears and to hug you in silence, trust me you’ll get confuse with whom the person who’s fit to be chased.

What i am going to say is just please respect whoever that is the person who treats you well and so treat them best. Cause it feels so nice when you know there’s somebody cares and loves you. Respect the friendship everybody offers and don’t just feel like you’re the princess. Maybe you are the little daddy’s princess, but you can do better than always act like a queen or a lady in red.

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