Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Damn, you're married !

Here we go, another love theme for my writing. You must ever watch a movie or read a novel which the story belongs to two persons who crazily in love, and like they were made for each other. The problem is I think you all know that the number of woman population is bigger than man's number, so how it could possibly happen where there is one right man for a woman, and vice-versa.

The condition is maybe not like in the movie or the novel or also the novel which then been filmed, what actually happen is maybe only a man who feels okay with his fiancee and suddenly he turns twenty-something and his parents often ask him "when you will give us a super cute grandchildren, son?" and he already has the job and everything and the moment is right and comes the night where he downs on his knee saying what every woman deserves "would you marry me" or "would you be my wife" or "would you be the person whom I see the first in the morning, and the last person I see at night?" and so on and......whatsoever.

When the relationship you have is okay -or let's say a few higher than okay, it will be easy for you to think about further relationship which actually maybe is not for you. It's like you have a normal blood pressure, but actually you are at the end of the boundary of that normal blood pressure. Do you follow me? I hope you do. So you don't have the signal to feel that something is wrong here -something is in its way to become wrong soon. And when someday, at the cafe or hospital or at the street, you meet your soulmate, damn you're married.

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