Monday, February 21, 2011


I must admit that sometimes as a Christian, I don't really understand about the verses that show up on the Bible. The sentences are hard, also the meaning -it has to be adapted with the current situation. The implementation? Wohoo, that's the hardest (don't ask)! And that's why whenever I found a really good verses, I'll try to share it here with you (all of you, not only for Christians I mean). I found it in my last mass; please, read it.
"Kasihilah musuh-musuhmu, dan berdoalah bagi mereka yang menganiaya kamu." Karena dengan demikian kamu menjadi anak-anak Bapamu yang di Surga. Sebab Ia membuat matahari-Nya terbit bagi orang yang jahat dan juga bagi orang yang baik. Hujan pun diturunkan-Nya bagi orang yang benar dan juga bagi orang yang tidak benar. Apabila kamu mengasihi orang yang mengasihi kamu, apakah upahmu? Bukankah pemungut cukai juga berbuat demikian? Dan apabila kamu hanya memberi salam kepada saudaramu saja, apakah lebihnya dari perbuatan orang lain? Bukankah orang yang tidak mengenal Allah pun berbuat demikian?

"Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you." Because so shall you become the children of your Father in Heaven. For He makes sun rises for the bad and also for the good person. The rain downs for the right person and also for people who are not. If you love those who love you, what's your consideration? Isn't that the tax collector (pemungut cukai -red) do so? And if you greet your brethren only, what's your overplus compare to the deeds of others? Isn't the person who don't know God had done this too?
So, easy to write and easier to read, right? Can we do that?
This one is may also be good, the simple one and the-easiest-to-understand-but-also-to-forget. Read it.
Janganlah engkau membenci saudaramu di dalam hati, tetapi engkau harus berterus terang menegur sesamamu, dan janganlah engkau mendatangkan dosa kepada dirimu karena dia.

Reprove your brothers, instead of hate them within your heart, and don't make a sin for yourself because of them.
The question is still the same: Can we do that?

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