Wednesday, February 2, 2011


There are too many reasons for someone to let his/ her love went away. Sometimes it’s only because of the parents, the look, and the attributes I called money and car. Sometimes it caused by something bigger, like the principle, the idealism and ideology, the religion. At another times, the trigger is something that unfortunately can’t be change, let’s remember the race.

And then there are another too many reasons of someone letting his/ her love went away that more painful than any other reasons. Another boy/ girlfriend to be, another love. Yeah, how about that? Or maybe another fuckin God’s decisions –which we should believe bring some goodness somehow, let’s say sickness or death. Eat those!

Well, on my inappropriate opinion side, there is also one other reason why someone letting his/ her love gone. Simply unfair –this is what exactly some of you, people, will say after read these next gross words. Just to get some fun. Just to make sure his/ herself that he/ she really into his/ her love. (Let’s pretend that the main character here is a woman, so I can call her ‘she’, just to make this writing easier to write). Maybe she left the man because she’s getting not too excited anymore into it. There’s always a good couple, married or unmarried, who gets break up because of the thing called BORED. That’s the fact, no matter how unfair it looks like for the mate.

So, the only thing you can do is to always treat your mate right. Don’t get too comfy with them till you do nothing to upgrade the relationship. Trust me, women feel bored too soon to believe. Don’t try to compete us, men, ha-ha.

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