Saturday, August 21, 2010

About the date of 21st

I was so excited about today, about the date of 21st, so I draw something at the hospital, while caring for my sick brother.

Besides, I made him his favorite icon, yuuuupppp: The Minions (2)! I was planned to make them sound “papoy...papoy...papoy...”, but it was too impossible to be realized! So, instead of listen, he has to read the “papoy papoy” thing from the scrap-paper (1) which also my handmade.

At the last, I thought there must be a photo or picture on the scrap-paper, to make it more alive. I know nothing about drawing, so I decided to unify my childhood photo with his.

I don’t expect anything, but you give me more than enough, it’s a 60 days of happiness being with you :)

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