Tuesday, July 31, 2012

About Insecurity

This idea of writing was came from a friend who was sharing her teology book she has just read. About insecurity. The book said that if when you were single you feel insecure about yourself, it wont get solved by getting married, that you will still feel insecure when you're married. Still from the book, it said that most of the time a person feels incomplete and hope that by getting married, their spouses could complete them. The fact is actually quite far from there -still according to the book. But in my personal opinion, i think it is somehow correct.

I found that for so many times i couldn't figure out about people, mostly girls, who feel unsave and act like their lifes are the most miserable life in the world. I can't understand them since i don't find anything wrong about them, most of them aren't ugly, fat, poor, brokened home or something. I also can't understand women who ban their boyfriends from meeting other women and vice versa. Are grown ups relationship are all about physical? If it is not, your boyfriend or girlfriend wouldn't attracted to other women or men in a very short time. So two or three hours meeting a day won't get them cheating on you. I morely can't understand women who dissalow their boyfriends from hanging out with their boy friends, men have this brotherhood mates you can't restrict them to meet. Then came this friend who were telling me about her teology book. The book said that insecurity came with history. A person who always feel unsave maybe ever had an experience back there on their childhood which make them feel rejected and unchosen.

Hmm.. So i guess it all makes sense now. Well, i can't surely say that they're acting like that is just because they are like that, because there is this little probability that they have history.....that should be respected. Hmm, but no, actually everybody has history, everybody has their past. It's all about how you react after tragedy. If you were making bad decision about how you react back then because you were still just a kid, you always have time to re-adjust your reaction now, i guess..

What i want to remind you all once again is that life is beautiful. You are beautiful no matter way. Sometimes bad things happened, it all makes you grieving and feel lonely. It makes your stomach hurt and your eyes wet. But no matter how, it all will back to fine again, because everything is okay, everything is just perfect.


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