Thursday, July 12, 2012

Rain and Romance

Have you ever been to Bandung? It has already been like my hometown myself since 2004, when i was just 14. Unlike Jakarta, Bandung is a small town with all of the swing air and its calm. It is a place where you can find many crafts and original songs or music bands. Bandung is always a good place to fall in love. It is a place where you can have the view all of your own. You do not need to deal with rush or traffic. You can find smiles on the civilization’s lips. And most of all you can have as many times for yourself as you like.

The city itself has a lot of places you can visit to. It’s like in every month there’s another new place opened for public. Mostly is cafe. Don’t be confuse if you find many people sit alone by theirselves and just browse something on their laptop. It’s common there. Me myself doing the thing for a lot of times, it was like my everyday i guess. Just put my laptop and earphone on my handbag and i’m ready to go to anywhere my feet will willing to take me into. I’ll sit tight on the corner of a cafe, grab some drinks and there i was, just sitting all day trying to figure out the world. Maybe that’s what makes my moving step to Jakarta was pretty rough at the beginning. Here, people are just different. They don’t do the thing many people at Bandung do commonly. I just feel like an outsider or something. They speak differently, their jokes are different, their terms are strange for me, but what most disturbing is that they think differently. I don’t say about better and worse, i just say about how the difference between the two was quite hard for me to accept at the beginning. Now that i begin to feel comfort here, i can say that it’s all about getting the right time to finally meet the right community. But still, i’ll miss Bandung with all my heart in every second of my every day.

Bandung is a really great place to fall into love..

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