Thursday, September 2, 2010

You do beautiful, people :)

My life is so much beautiful. I do have some troubles sometimes, but it really doesn’t count, because the happiness always win me. God gives me that life.

I had my time when I was so selfish, sensitive, and fake; when I was on my junior high school age. I lie and pretending, I cry and whining, so much mistakes, so much anger. Time has been much much better recently. I enjoy life, world, air, dew, laugh, I enjoy sadness sometimes. It doesn’t mean that my life is clear from what people called as problem, BIG noooooo!! The changes is not the life, it’s on me.

Problem comes to be solved, not to be kept or moreover to be maintained! It neither comes to be spread to get people’s attention.

All you have to do is knowing yourself better, before you try to understand others! People are unique, so don’t generalize them. Treat them as good as you can do. Remember: making others happy is the same with make yourself happy! Be smart, not accomplice! It’s not always about number that people care about, it’s about who you are and what you have inside your outlook! Some people package theirself with silk, but all they have inside are only envy and another envy, and I’m sorry for them..

How can people love you while all the things you do are only trying to be not you? You’ve been created beautiful, why do you think you need to add fake to beautify yourself? Respect yourself, please, by doing something nice and proper. What does it mean when people laud on you, but your deepest heart knows that it’s only a pretense? It’s not worthy, Dear, because you do beautiful from the beginning.

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