Saturday, September 25, 2010

Christian Wibisono

He’s such a beautiful thing. If he is clothes, he must be a wool: warm. While he’s a chair, he will be a couch: comfort. And if he becomes a taste, absolutely chocolate: sweet.

It’s just I feel so grateful to have him. He gives me many moments in life that I thought will be only others’ experiences, not mine. He brought me to his communities – which are a lot –, he brought me to his families, he asked me to date, to celebrate anniversary, he gave me mysterious surprise invitation, he delivered me flower, he asked me to accompany him to the random weddings and me too, and he gave me Nicholas Sparks’ book – my favorite romance novel writer –, he doesn’t need a special occasion to give me something so me! We did a lot of fun activities, we arrived at Dufan; he brought me to a place which have no name, which provided a few loungers where people can sit and stare to the stars – he likes stars, “It’s light in the darkness”, I quote from him –; we went to museum – he adores history –; we tried many new and unique or catchy or actually just any restaurants; and we still have more plenty of them. You have to see the lists! Ouh, we shopped, and we plan to cook and jog. And which I like the most, we usually steal time only to have lunch together. We’re busy. He’s busier than me though!

He’s more patient than me, pretty weird huh? He’s smart in academy and social life. I really like to discuss anything – it really means anything when I wrote it –, business, love, history, people, life, movie music ART, football (I began to like it recently), fashion, etc. Whenever I made a stupid quiz, he was being as excited as I was, he's really got into it (thank you, it made me feel normal).

I love his jokes and his 'gurita' dancing (I have to make a video of him while he do dance, so you can see)!

He loves his parents and sister so much. Be grateful for having him, Om – Tante – Vina, you three are always in his heart.

He helped his friends, the big and even the smallest one!

One of my friend ever said like this to me: “Lice, klo ude tau kekurangannya Kikin, kasi tau gw yak.” – “Lice, whenever you already find Kikin’s weaknesses, please tell me” –. And now I want to answer you, hey, David, till now, I still don’t know yet!

p.s: hey, Mr. Wibisono, whenever you read this, please knowing, I bla bla bla you (you know the best what word will filled in the blank)!

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