Saturday, September 18, 2010

Footbal - Tofu - Beer

Hi, People! I’d like to share my yesterday to y’all (so excited!).

Yesterday was fun and full of happines for me. My boyfriend and his futsal team got into the Champion of Champion Battle Event at my college, and they won it! Yihaaaaaaaaaa, hoooooorayyyy!! Congrats to Team Akmen (Akmen from Akuntansi Manajemen - red) 2007. It was such a nice play when you guys on that field! They had loose one or two points on the beginning, but they can overtaked the match on the 2nd round, awesome! As for the supporters, included me, it was so tenseful, hahaha!

Next, me-Miranti-Michelle-Rendy (my college mate) were going to Paris Van Java, to ate some tofu, the spicy one! Michelle got her lips red, sexy of you, Dear, hehe.. After walked around the mall for a moment, we had a simple photo-booth (FUN FUN FUN), then going home.

The night gone bad and more fun (ooppss).. Me going with Kikin’s boarding house friends! They were nice and funny anndddd naughty! They got one of their boy friend, named A**ert, drunk! This boy is Chinese, comes from Medan, and ‘virgin’, a bit weirdo or let's just say unique! He took five bottles of beer fastly, and laugh all night long after that! Bastard you, guys!! But, he gave us the jokes from his drunkenness, haha.. Well, thanks to Kikin, for allowed me to get one glass :)

Ahhhh, end of the day, my room plus blanket; dreamed.

p.s: Dearest Mr. Wibisono, congratulation for the goals, I adore you!

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