Saturday, September 25, 2010


Life is hard, sometimes we said “unfair”. But, who cares, will it be smoother when you keep grumbling? I’m 20 and have enough regrets because of complaining without do something! Trust me, LIFE – COMPLAINING + WORKING SMART = MUCH MORE BEAUTIFUL.

Yes, it’s unfair when there’re a lot of people got a GPA above 3.5 while we think we’ve done a lot more painful effort than them. But, when the time comes, everything will be paid for, and be fair enough. Just do your best, be grateful for what you have, and don’t make our hard life becomes harder by thinking something ain’t important and not even our business. Don’t take anything unimportant too deep!

It’ll be better if you can have a person in life that understanding and can build each other. I do have now. World becomes more friendly and beautiful and EASY.

For so many times, I’ve seen very kind persons. At the shuttle bus, when somebody gave his seat to the old lady. At the public toilet, when a woman in queue let me used the toilet before her because she saw that I couldn’t hold my pee any longer, they’re just not being blown up! It should be someone – a director or something – who create a television show displays this pure kindness. Don’t give them any shits like money, we just need the moral issue, we need the role model. We’re pretty satisfied with the criminal show, which makes me sick!

Spread the love, not envy and its things, only love! Love love love, love is all you need..

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