Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Lebaran Holidayyyy

It’s a long time without handwriting! I was on my Lebaran holiday at Jakarta this past week. It’s quite fun, because I spent my fully time with my best-girl-friend, Miranti Verdiana (the beautiful girl in the picture, the left one), and several time with the other one, Rani Tandiono (I'll show you all later, she's beautiful!). Besides, I really enjoyed the moment where I get through the children of Miranti’s uncle (we lived at his house, for your information). Child is so so so so gorgeous! I love them, dearly! They’re funny plus smart, overall: lovable! Ohh, if by accident you see a sticker on somebody’s car window, you can 99% predict that this person is a father or mother with a child. And if the sticker has a flower-shaped, that doesn’t mean the child is a girl! Boy loves flower too, sweeeettt :)

Well, although I was on my off-duty days, I still brought my laptop to do this unbelievable seminar journal! So upset! And if you’re staying at whoever’s house, this task becomes harder, because it’s not polite to confine yourself at bedroom while the others were gathering at the living room. But, if you bring your laptop to the living room, trust me, it will be shut-ed down on maximum 30 minutes! Haha!

Lesson #1 when you’re on my circumstances (numpang di rumah orang), don’t bring your task, think those garbage later!

Lesson #2: don’t let your handbag nudge a washbowl full of water!!!

And Lesson #3, which is classical, don’t be late getting home, especially when the house is in a far far away land...

The last is #4, do not ever fall in love with those gorgeous children, those pinky blushy stretchy chicks!!

Back to reality: Bandung, Unpar, seminar journal, ohh I need a month, not a week! Hope I can upload my photos soon, chop-chop!

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