Saturday, December 4, 2010


December's coming
I see the bells in gold and glow
I hear the songs, the fast and the slow
How happy can still enjoy the jingles, the tinkles
How blessed can still feel the lights of candles
It seems like my life has been so perfect
But my mouth is still ask for some happiness of fake
I got all I have just by the irony of fate
But sometimes I admit those as the success of my trade

It's always nice, the ambiance of Christmas
The tree, candy, Santa Claus, the green and red,
The party, and the merry
We decorate our home
We buy presents for family
We dress our body with white shirt or gown
Till sometimes we forget to fill it up with some kindness
We forget to give a little gift for Baby Jesus

Let's see our surrounding
Look around and spread the love we have
Let's make everybody smiles with a little thing we can do
Because we've been so blessed
With our shiny eyes,
Our blushing cheeks,
Our clearly voice,
Our handy hands,
Our sturdy legs,
Our lovely family,
Our trendy handbag and shoes,
With our completeness.
Let's share it, people

Merry Christmas 2010
May you all have a little Christmas in your heart
God bless!

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