Friday, November 19, 2010


Hi, readers. Sorry for no writing for these couple weeks, I was on my have-no-idea mode recently. Ooh, by the way, are you a teenager? I mean like 18 – 23 years old? You, yes you! If you are, just take a look yourself for a moment and think about what have you done in life. I am 20, and since last June (since my 20th birthday) I have so many (or lets say too many) thoughts about attainment, about achievement. Well, I have blog, maybe about 20 something people read it, but there are plenty thousands maybe billions people in this universe have much much much more adorable blog! I can write, but who doesn’t?! And just like that, the thoughts keep going on and on and on, till me get embarrassed, but also enthusiastic. The more I be ashamed, the more I high-spirited to reach some attainments.

These days, there are heaps of teenagers who are great in doing their things; music, dance, writing, and so on. Keep moving to the greatest, fellas! And for you who haven’t find your things yet, find it soon, it ‘ll make yourself more human and alive and feel valuable. And the most important thing is knowing that in the beginning it’s not for others, it’s just for you yourself.

p.s: huge! by this 1st of December I’ll be a part timer at the back office of V Hotel and Residence, Bandung. I’m so excited and happy, because actually I always want to make some money for myself. so, wish me luck there, ciao, xo.


  1. congratz girl,,!!!
    i haven't found my things yet :(
    any idea?

  2. dont you like auditing thing, smart boy?