Monday, December 27, 2010

God the goddess

Christmas been passed. Now, lets talk about something a bit heavy: God and religion. A few days before Christmas, I took a trip to get my hometown at Central Java. I took a bus and without any permission I met my little friend, Alan -like your long hair by the way. Then, we started to have a little chat by phone after that meeting.

One day, in a night chat, we talked about God -cause it was near to the Christmas Day-, and I just knew that he ever try to make a space to God because of one and any reasons. But there's one thing that maybe not only become his question but mine also, and I know that there are plenty people out there asking the same: (in a very simple way) is there really A God up there?

With no offense to any religions, communities, and cultures, I decided to write up my mind here on my blog. Once again, it's only one young woman with her short mind.. So, how if there is actually nothing up there in the sky and clouds (I used to think that clouds was the heaven and God live there)? How if all of the shit happened, good things happened, it's all nature, only nature, like "The Secret" told us? Kikin ever asked me this way: how if the God is the same with the mountain, the difference is the civilization -long long time ago, people worshiped the mountain, because their knowledge could only reach mountain with its anger, which is the eruption, but now people knew that the larva was a volcanic process not the mountain's rage.. or how if there was actually one very clever and brilliant man who created all of this religion and God's rule to secure the world from racism, criminality, etc.. Well, who knows? Maybe you know, but nobody really knows.

So, for the ending part, I choose back to believe, cause you know all up above is only my brains, what I more depend on is the hearts. And when someday I die, I'd really like to meet You up there, Father..

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