Saturday, December 25, 2010

Random Photoshoots

I already opened Kikin's gift. I got the right color, the right size, the-exactly-what-I-want-for-this-last-three-months-but-I-cannot-buy-because-of-(you-know)-the-price : purple X2 sunglasses. Thank you so mucho mucho! Ouh, and I gave him a pair of black formal Guy Laroche socks. Anyway, compare to his, my gift is ugly :(

Last night, I attended a Christmas Eve Mass with my pap-mom-2nd bro-and my cousin - Ririn. Welcome abroad, Jesus :)

For my girls, I gave them this reindeer cute headbands

So, again, me and Kikin saying "Ho ho ho, Merry Christmas!"

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