Friday, December 24, 2010

Presents from Santa

December is absolutely my fav month, because of the Christmas! This season, I think I was being so happy born as a girl, because girls can do a gifts exchange (tukar kado ??) without any shame. This is what I got as the Earlier Christmas Presents!

The upper pic was from Melisa, my boarding house mate. I got chocolate candies inside it. And the other was from Regina (I did the garage sale with her), I got a frame with our photos inside it. Thank you, girls *big hug

And the biggest thing which make me so excited is the gift from Kikin. I can't open it yet, we promise to open the presents on December 25 which is TOMORROW (hoorayyyy). I gave him bla bla bla, you have to wait with me, hehehe..

The upper is what I gave to him, other is what I got. Can't wait!

MERRY CHRISTMAS, everyone! May joy, hope, believe, and blessing upon you all, Amen.
Ciao, xo.

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