Sunday, January 22, 2012

A Lifetime Blessing

So, this is the very first topic: about blessing.

How blessed are you? I am overwhelmed! Recently, I am being grateful a lot more than I do before. Somehow, I am able to find the bright side of every difficulties came to me. It was not like a denial or something, but it was truly a really good things happened to me behind that difficulties. And the more I looked for that side, the more great things happened. And here I am, full of happiness and peace.

It doesn’t mean that I am free from grumbles. No, I am not. I still complaining sometimes. But everytime I complained, I became more aware to calm down and try to see it from another perspective. And it relieved me. At this moment, I think this is the best time of my life. I find peace. I find happiness. It’s like I don’t wanna grow old, I wanna stay here, being young and fun.

Try it, monk! Try to do everything not so hard. Try to calm and see it another way around. We are young, why so serious? Why so complex? It makes wrinkles all over your face and makes you looked ugly when you’re old. Try to not stressed out easily. There’s always a way if you look for it. And one thing you should believe, that our God is good. He’s never meant to give something bad for us. Only good came from Him eventually.

At last, SMILE everybody. Becos you are the owner of the world. You just need to find your own peace and happiness. Don’t be a follower with no direction, becos you will lost somewhere and then you will fall. Be the owner of your life, of your time, of your mood, be the owner of your world. Rock it!


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