Thursday, August 23, 2012

Parent's Ownership

As cliche as it will sound, i would just say that when you are finally getting sick, you just will appreciate more of your health. That's what i feel recently. Because when i was sick the other days, i missed out many things. I missed hanging out with colleagues, friends and family. I was not able to say many things because of my condition and also the mood swing. I barely couldn't even tweet that Adam Levine is a genius to write such songs in Maroon's new album: Overexposed. But then, right after i was in the mood of talking again, i woke up my body and wrote down my mind.

I had time to think about parental-hood we have here in Indonesia or maybe Asia versus parenting method they have there at the west side of the globe. I was wondering why in here, the feeling of ownership from parents to their children are so big. Sometimes i feel that as children we are like belong to our parents, while in my opinion when a child was born, he/she is already a human, a pure independent human who is belong only to his/herself. A parent should only be a facilitator. A parent is just another human being, not an owner. A parent is a helper. Is a guider, an angel yes, because they are a truly kind persons who are willing to do anything to make us children happy. But still, not an owner. An Asian mom no need to necessarily picked out a dress for her 19 years daughter or a spectacle frame for her 23 years daughter. There's no such thing as a reason for those kind of things to be worth to fight about. It's not like picking a university or something. It's a frame and skirt!

It makes me think how different eastern and western are. In everything. In how we think, how we act, how we spend times. Recently i just knew from my friend who was just back from his secondment at Adelaide that his clients there consider auditor as a friend. Somebody their company paid to make their company a better place. So they don't need to hide some weaknesses or findings. Meanwhile, here, people think that auditors are bunch of people they should hide their company's flaws from. So basically we are paid to do nothing since they hide 'em. Amin to that. Free lunch it is.

So i keep on thinking about the very first person who lived at east and who stayed at west. What did they do exactly to make such a difference? Did the landscape here was more harmful that the people should protect their children with more caution and end up with all the over-protective action? Because as we know, American teenagers are forced to leave home by their parents once they hit 16. And i guess they can plan their marriage in all kind of concept they prefer, whether they want it small, big, in the ballroom or outside the structure.

So why? Give me an answer for God's sake..

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