Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Overexposed. Pfffttt!

So last friday i watched Maroon5 concert and as you know from my last post, it was awesome. It just felt like my playlist did come true. All of 'em, Payphone, One More Night, Daylight, The Man Who Never Lied and all.. It was getting good when they sang also the old songs like Sunday Morning, Makes Me Wonder, She will be Loved (OH MY GOOOOOODDD) and This Love as their very first single (GOSHHH)! The crowd was just so awesome and burned my mood!

They all are such a great performer, Adam Levine himself is a genius. No doubt. He sang and kept singing all night long without getting thick. All of their songs have magical power to me. It was funny knowing that whenever bunch of teenages screamed "Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar" like very loud, i screamed that too in my heart....only it just got out as "WOOHOOO" instead. But the most surprising part was when i heard one teenage girl said this to her friend  "i want Adam to fuck me!", i was like.....okay.....epic..

Hahhh, just still remember that time.. Hope many of you were watching that too so you can feel my feeling. You must have a GOOD GOOD TIME.

A moment before Moves Like Jagger -the closing song.
Adam: Do you want it?
Crowd: Yeahhh!!
Adam: How bad do you want it?
(#?*# Adam oh Adam...??!#)

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