Thursday, April 21, 2011

Padma, Palma, and Portable Charger

Hello hollo :)

I always believe that in life many good things will keep happening and happening and happening. Like things happened to me last weekend. It was superb! My family came to visit, here to Bandung! Waw! We decided to stay at a gorgeous hotel, Padma Hotel. It really served me a well bed, food, view which is a green green grass forest, and unforgettable moment. Thing that made me so happy was because kikin could join us and everything was going super well :)

So many smiles which you can see at the picture below :))

Thank you max to family and kikin for made my weekend!

And you know what, today i celebrate my 10th month anniversary with kikin. And only because he's at Jakarta doesn't mean i can't bring anything for him, hehe. Actually i entrust a portable charger for blackberry to my friend whose the house is near to kikin's. Hopefully he will love my simple gift and my simple wrap!

Love you, people!

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