Thursday, April 7, 2011

Dearest Mr. Stephen R. Covey,

With a great modesty, I write this, Mr. I've read your book -7 Habits. Everyone knows it's awesome! I just want to ask some -two specifically- questions to you directly, no matter you will answer or even you won't read it.

So, let me fast forward. On your book, at the very first part, you talked about paradigm, you shared your experience about the relation between you and your own son. There you said that when you change your way of thought about your son -who I believe has a special condition because you said so, then he himself step-by-step followed to change -into the way you thought about him of course. So, my first question is: until what point does we should think about something according to what we want to see about it, so we won't fall into kind of denial?

At another part, which is maybe one of the best, where you told every reader about win-win, win-loose, ........, yaaa ya that part. Here is my second question: how if in one situation or one problem, some of the parties finally yield, still it can be called a win-win?

Alice Ayu

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