Friday, April 8, 2011

dream dream dream in noon noon noon

20 things i need the most in my future wedding!

1. The very most super important is LACE, so many many of lace, especially on the gown.
2. VEIL. while the veil is long, it must be with lace. while it's shorter, flower is nice.
3. The GROOM. Haha, the groom is behind the gown and the veil.
5. Placed somewhere out of a building! garden is nice. BEACH is best! my house's yard is superb.
6. Small SMALL PARTY or gathering
7. While for the party, the BAND will be my #1 concern.
8. The 2nd is the PHOTOGRAPHER. Have you heard Axioo? Check this out!
10. A Priest, but above it is actually GOD's blessing.
11. Any FOOD which not come from sea
12. WHITE and black nuance with FLOWER everywhere
13. If i can ask, BOW TIE for my love :)
14. HOMEMADE SOUVENIR, but i promise it will be either cute or ellegant.
15. I've picked my MADE OF HONOR, can you believe?
16. TISSUE. i know i know, i don't even think i won't cry!
17. GLOVES. if my veil is long, i'll take a short gloves and vice versa.
18. A small PEARL might be pretty on me. maybe the earrings.
19. Me and my groom own WEDDING VOW
20. Each of everything covered by LOVE.


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