Friday, April 15, 2011

Does your home like to be your home?

Hello, fella :) I would like to share a big cherish smile with you all the beautiful people!

First, I will share a simple question. Most of us must love our home, right? Yes yes yes. But, the next level of question is: does our house like to be our home? Ngggggggg.....

Ya, being a home is followed by too many consequences. Usually at the first range of our age, like 4 to 8 we like spending the days and nights at home. The girls talk with their barbie, the boys act like a racer or hero or athlete. At the next age, between 8 and 10, we begin to make some friends. The girls still have their barbie, but instead of playing it at home, they bring their barbie to a friend's home. The boys? Well, boys, every each of you must be on the field playing a ball right? They come home after they tired or when the mom ask them to have dinner. Can you imagine how jealous the home is with the yard and the field and with whatever outside? ;(

Lets see what happened when we grow up big into 10 until 15. The girls do a so-long-time-gossip at school and the boys, well still the same i guess -playing a ball and ball and some balls. Let me fast forward and see what happened at age between 15 and 18. Most of us must have our super awesome senior high school season! Say yes! We go crazy and sillier everyday. We eat and grow tall. We learn many things and we TIRED. The only part we see from the home is the bed! Ohh, poor the home. It must be want to be the ball and the mall, or at least the school canteen. Skip to the age between 20 and 22. Suddenly we're not see the home at all, maybe for a day, two days, or a week. We do what people said 'self actualization (or whatever it said)' a lot. Too bad, too much sadness and so much longing must've been felt by the home. We only meet it when we feel so tired and need a rest. "It must be nice for being any place where can be visited by you while you're still in a full energy, not in a weak and low volume of voice", said Home.

Being home is sucks, i don't like it. But i can't stop anyone for being adult and leave the home sometimes to go to reach their sky. So, maybe i'll just decorate myself and be the greatest home ever and wait you share a star with me when finally you grip the sky.

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