Friday, May 4, 2012


everytime i wear this earphone, running this songs list from my i-Tunes and click the new post button on my blog page, i feel different. i feel that i am so much different from anybody else. i feel special. the truth is, we all are special until sometimes at some point, somewhere inside our body says that we're not and it keep saying that until we believe that we're no different. many times ago, i was somebody far away from i am now. i could say that i am better than i was before. for me, it's not all fair if we are allowed to say "we get better" only after we compare ourselves to another. instead, we could compare ourselves to ourselves before.

i never know how many people coming by to my blog and reading my post. it wont change anything anyway. even the truth that nobody is reading wont broke me, because no matter what, i do something about something i like. so dont be afraid of loosing. you're being a looser only if you are too afraid to do something you like. fail is not when you're trying and it doesnt work. fail is when you're not trying at all.


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