Friday, May 4, 2012

the sun reflection

as the sun comes down, brings the shine with it. asks us to forget all regrets and mistakes. today, i looked outside, to the building next to my office window and i found the reflection of the sun, gave her goodbye smile to the world. as the entire sky turns out to orange blue, i pack my bag, ready to meet the adventure. so whats your plan tonight, people? have some nice foods, grab some beers? change your office attire to a party costume? or just catch some potatoes, bring them home and watch nice movies? whatever it is as long as you have fun. it doesnt always has to be the same with others, you know, the thing that you are about to do tonight. some people partying and have a lot of fun, some people could just sit tight at home and still have so much fun. nothing is cooler or geeky-er between one to another. just dont be ashamed of who you are.

after all, this is a friday night. lets rock it and be fun!


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