Friday, November 5, 2010


Sebab andaikata sesuatu Kau benci, niscaya tidak Kau ciptakan. Bagaimana sesuatu dapat bertahan, jika tidak Kau kehendaki, atau bagaimana dapat tetap terpelihara, kalau tidak Kau panggil? Engkau menyayangkan segala-galanya sebab semua itu milik-Mu, ya, Penguasa hidup!

The translation below is made by me and not the real sentences on the Bible, only so everybody can understand:

Because if something you hate, You would not create it. How things can survive, if You don’t want to, or how it can be maintained, if You don’t call it? You love everything because it all belongs to You, O Lord of life!

It’s Kikin, the one who told me to share the scripture verses on my blog. The subsection of Book of Wisdom above I got from the last homily in my church, and leaved a good mark on my heart. Isn’t it beautiful?

Simply understood. If you feel like God hates you, why should He created you? He loves you, more than you can know, trust me :)