Thursday, May 22, 2014

What if..

Hi, world. It's been a long time.. I don't feel really well today. I miss my friends a lott.. I feel lonely here.. I wish, and I really wish, I could turn back time and go to my very happy moments. I want to sing, I want to play.. Just this second, I want to close my eyes and fly. Fly to my long long happiness. I want a longgg deep hug. I'm too scared of everything. Gimana kalo semua mimpi-mimpi gw cuma semu. Gimana kalo gw bakal end up being nobody.. Gimana kalo I'm not that good or I'm not trying hard enough.. Gimana kalo gw kehilangan cinta dalam hidup gw.. Gimana kalo gw sendirian.. I'm scared and I just need a longg deep hugg.. Just this time.. Gimana kalo semua tulisan gw tentang mimpi memang cuma mimpi.. Gimana kalo semua perasaan excited gw tentang mimpi cuma berenti di situ aja.. Gimana? Ah, I feel sick..

1 comment:

  1. BIG hug for you Alicee...
    Guess our kind of people sometimes feel the same way too. So don't feel lonely, we're traveling the same path, different way. And not the wrong way, i hope, just a little bit hurdle.

    *so late to reply, i know, but i do feel that you're good with your words. Best wishes for you.