Saturday, May 31, 2014

Old Memorial Park

That place was full with darkness
I could see nothing but white smelly smolder
I went there to pick up someone
Someone from my past
She’s pretty but fake
Like a mannequin
Her nose is perfect
And her hair is all black
Back then she was a waitress
In a restaurant right down the Sunset Street
Near my apartment, a place where I barely live
We’re not a lover
Nor a best friend
I just knew her from where I got my coffee
And she just knew me as one lousy customer
Not long from now she just got hit by a car
I saw her from across the street
And dropped my cup of coffee
I stood there for three hours
And she was brought to faraway
Far from Sunset Street
So I don’t drink coffee anymore
Instead, I went to that Memorial Park
To pick her up and trying to be a lover
One night I dream
I drink coffee and she walks next to me
Hand on hand, still on the Sunset Street

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