Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Life to Travel

Inspiration comes in a mysterious way. Sometimes it just pops up inside my head. Sometimes when a deadline comes, I have to think hardly for it. And sometimes it comes from traveling.

For me, traveling is the best way to grow up. It taught me many things people couldn't teach. It taught me to talk to people, to understand that nobody is the same and it's normal to adjust. But it also taught me to keep believing in what's right. That even though they're not the same, there's a basic rule of right and wrong.

Traveling gave me some times to think about myself and figure out who am I, what I want to be and what I want to be remembered. Traveling has helped me to be grown ups. And now, every time I travel, I become aware of any views which can inspire me. A long queue to amusement park, happy faces from another traveler, etc. Traveling has been a part of me. It taught me to make decisions, to lead myself and then let myself to lead others. To always be a better of me.

Traveling helped me to understand people, including myself. Go out and find yourself!

-July 19, 2013
Science Center, Singapore

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