Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Life in Amusement Park

For me, life is a huge amusement park
It sells experience
You have to embrace it to get the value of it
And in order to understand and feel the fun of it,
You have to put some bravery and try all of the games
Unless, you feel enough of being your friend's bag keeper
Being an audience, a follower, being just a worker

I know the coaster seems scary
It's high and it got all the chance to bring us down
But we have to try it anyway
And not wasting our tickets, don't we?
In the end, what's so beautiful  of looking something from below?
That's why I always want to be a bird
Looking all the alleys and seas from above

So, pal, tighten your safety belt
And you're good to go!

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