Thursday, January 17, 2013

we get lucky!

At last, we can’t predict human being. Or in a better sentence, also a book title from Professor Dan Ariely, we are PREDICTABLY IRRATIONAL. At last, or at least until the year of 2013, no one could describe love, no one could make the formula of love. People’s action in responding love would be different one to another. And not only to the action of love. When you have some times in silence and you look around, you will see, how funny we all are actually.

You see, it’s funny knowing that sometimes we got angry to somebody of something they’ve done. But yet, at another time when another person called our friend doing exactly the same thing, we could be not angry. Our reaction changes when the subject changes. Or when sometimes we said in our heart, “I really don’t understand why he/she did that kind of things. F!” But yet when we get into the exact same situation with him/her, we kinda take the same action. People are irrational. Let’s look again, deeper, sometimes we said no to something and said that we were not into that thing. What actually happened is we could not handle the chance of not being good on the new thing. Agree? Our age stops at our comfort zone.

People’s decisions are inconsistent. It depends on too many things. People’s action could not be generalised. If that so, we are pretty lucky huh? Born as us? We have that inherent attribute to be inconsistent, to learn something new everyday, to get to know ourselves through many things we are willing to try. If that so, why say no too soon? What’s the worse could happen by letting others know that we couldn’t do one or two things? Nobody could do anything. The worse is….., people know. Right? So what? You already keep that new experience in your heart and that feels good. I guarantee you’ll feel good.


Keep rocking in 2013, XOXO,

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