Monday, June 25, 2012


Happiness. I finally jumped into a conclusion that happiness is never been easy. That happiness needs effort, just like any other things in life. Let's say we think that by going to Europe we'll be happy, but we are too lazy to looking for the flight tickets so we're never been into Europe and the happiness we may get from the trip is never been ours too.

Same analogy for love. I dont understand why people change. When we were just a kid, we did not afraid of anything. We fell but we ride the bike again and again. Why afraid now? Why so afraid to be in love again? Oh come on, everybody gets hurt. It's like saying you're busy. Well, everybody is busy but we make time, although some of us get controlled by it instead of control it. Quoted from someone older, he said, you can miss the bus. Love is not something you can ask to wait for an indefinite time. And i think love is one of the main elements of happiness. So, just be in love again because happiness is never easy.

You pursue your own happiness.

Good luck, people. I am managing mine too!

Alice Ayu

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