Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Women's Part

Now, since there’s this person who contacted me and made comment about my writing “Man’s Stupidity”, I just wanna clear something up –because unfortunately this man (or boy? You figure out yourself :D) was used my writing to justify his act in his relationship with his girlfriend which unfortunately I disagree about.

So, there’s also a part where man should take a lead. On “Man’s Stupidity” we talked about something extreme where a man named Denny only had two hours break on one particular week and he chose not to tell his girlfriend and just go play football. What I need to underline here is that I never encourage the girls to disallow their boyfriends to play football in a normal condition. And I also never agree with you, man, who will justify your act of always choose your girlfriend instead of playing something around with your dudes and say that it’s all because you are willing to sacrifice your own enjoyment to fulfill your girlfriend's wants or happiness. It’s not. And you don’t need to do that by the way. There’s this part where the girls also have to understand. (And the man should take the lead as a leader). When I said a woman has a limit to understand, I don’t mean that they don’t need to understand at all. They have to! We have to! And we all –man and woman- have to!

I really really really want to get an opportunity to have a little chit chat with this type of girl, girl who’s spontaneously will say No. I mean, what are you girls afraid of? Physical attraction? Emotional attraction? Well I don’t think you can restrict your boyfriend’s heart. Physical attraction? You are goddamn pretty, Miss. So, I do really want to know what are you afraid of.

Why couple can just be a couple. Simple. They rhyme don’t they? Be it. It’s so much fun!!

p.s: I’ll tell the detail later whats so fun about my relationship :p

Ciao, xoxo.

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