Friday, February 24, 2012

DANCE FASTER like we're always young!

How do you see the world? I see it wide. I see future inside the world. I see the future wide opens right in front of me. I see options. I see success. It looks bright and fun! Where do you wanna go? What things you want to see? What songs you want to hear? I wanna see ocean. There, I will go. To the dessert also, Africa would be nice. I wanna see a play, to Broadway! Maybe a soccer match, that’s fun. I wanna hear a scream here and there, to amusement park, to Disney Land I’ll go. I want to hear a pray and I want to hear nothing else but Coldplay!

How do you see your life? I see it awesome! I see happiness, I see joy. And sit right there is love, I see love. I see struggle, I see hope. I see one very big dream and I see the same future of when I see the world.

Run, dance, jump, sing loudly! Do things you really can count on when you’re finally old. Go to Paris, get naked in the middle of white white snow and sing! Ask your boy or girl to dance in the middle of crowd or just in the middle of warmth. Dance a lot. Meet your lover, hug them, kiss them anywhere you can, at anywhere you want. Get lost. Go abroad, bring yourself closer to the sky. See the blue of it, drown in it.

And just right there, at one moment, you will look back and smile……with your wrinkled but still the same sweet lips.

For the spirit of DREAM HIGH, cheers!

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