Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Along way of waiting..

I woke up today
Without any make up on my face
Without you on my side
And without the brightness of the sun in the sky

Lust less...

So I put on the mascara and the glossy lip-balm
I tie my sneakers
And gone to the field

Not only hours -the time that I took, waitin for you

I spent days
Sitting on the fragile chair

Sometimes.., when I got bored
I went to the ocean
Watching the waves
But none of them was as strong as my sickness of waiting

At another times
I just took a few steps to the alley
Avoided the crowd
Settling on the alley stairs when I got tired
Then contemplating my vain of waiting

I loose many times, Honey..
I loose many things
Only for waiting

I want to use my white veil
And meeting you at the beach

Not using my veil
Only for another waiting..

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