Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A real deal.

When people are in sick, they start to see things differently. They imagine if life would give them more times, more chances. People start to think about things they do not even care about before. How other people will remember or honored them. Will people come to their funerals? Do they say I love you quite often to people they care about. What’s the meaning of their life? What’s their meaning for life itself? For the world? Are they even matter?

People start to think about life after death. Is heaven a real deal? And if it is, will they deserve it? And then in order to answer the question, they start to do more kindness.

Knowing the thing, now, when things start to seem like falling apart, I imagine myself stand at my final stage of life. I am weak and very sick. What will I do over the falling if I am sick? Will I keep being so angry or I’ll forgive? Will I give up or surviving? A wise man once said, every wheel must be spinning. If you already know the fact, when your wheel is low, you just need to survive, cause eventually it will spin again.

So, keep surviving, folks, even in your hardest time :)


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